Designed to teach intermediate guitarists to play acoustic arrangements. Get back in control of your guitar journey!

For guitarists who are ready to:

✔️ Progress quickly past simple strumming

✔️ Start finger-picking fun tunes

✔️ Play whole song arrangements, not just riffs and bit parts

✔️ Turn their guitar hobby playing into pro sounding arrangements

✔️ Impress friends and loved ones

✔️ Break out of that guitar playing rut

✔️ Nuture their passion and make time for something that matters to them!

✔️Accelerate their guitar growth!

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Most guitar players stop improving almost entirely after they’ve learned chords and riffs, because the jump to playing solo pieces seems too big.

Many intermediate players:

  • Want to be able to play song arrangements for friends, family but can’t play at that level.
  • Know the basics already but would like to do more with them.
  • Strum chords but aren’t sure how to play a full solo piece.
  • Hear other great players and wonder if only pros can play like that.

  • Simple chord strumming ISN'T ENOUGH for you anymore.
  • You'd love to play popular songs ALL BY YOURSELF
  • You're unsure how to play MELODIES on guitar
  • You're ready to take the next step and save TIME
  • You want to make more PROGRESS

I did not have anything ready when someone asked me to "play something".

Like most players, I could already play chords and a few bits and pieces, but nothing more than that.

HOW do people play the tune as well as the chords at the same time like that? ARRG!!!


So, I decided to attend Mohawk Colleges’ Applied Music program, where I met some truly outstanding players! Holy mackerel…

After music college I decided that I would synthesize everything I absorbed in 4 years (from SO many incredible players and teachers) into a modern guitar course.

I'm sharing everything I wish someone could have shown me, as a guitar student.

A 6-week course, designed

to teach intermediate guitarists

to play acoustic arrangements.


  • Exactly how I play arrangements, step by step
  • Which techniques I use over and over again
  • Common fingering patterns
  • How to pick out melody notes so you can put it all together!

I play these arrangements just as I’ve been performing them live for years. Follow along with me in each example. Hear how each example should sound at performance speed

My course is staggered to allow you to work at your own pace. Progress from using a pick, to fingerpicking full arrangements of songs!

Let's have a chat! Book a one-on-one call with me (your personal instructor and professional guitarist) to discuss your playing goals and how we can achieve them together! 

Feel the magic as you begin playing simple melodies and chords

at the same time!

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Check out these examples :

Reading rhythms and learning scales.

I share my go-to rhythms for any guitarist and demonstrate a simple system for finding all the chords, in any key.

Start playing simple melodies with and without a pick. Play chords and tunes at the same time...the first steps to the next level!  

Use open chord voicings to create excitement, and fingerpick through them up the neck. Get out of first position!

Learn useful patterns to make arpeggios within your chords. Fingerpick while alternating bass notes to create movement.

Combine arpeggios and patterns with barre chords. Make great use of that little finger and pick out melodies.

Navigate a song with different time changes. Count beats and bars to stay on track. Plus a bonus section (to be revealed)! All techniques and skills are demonstrated through real song examples.

  • Guitar students who are tired of just strumming, and want to progress further to find out what’s next.
  • Intermediate guitar players who want to build on what they already know, and glue everything together into full pieces.
  • Intermediate guitar players who cannot yet play a melody and chords at the same time, and want to learn how from a professional player.

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Q: What if I can’t read music?       

A: All examples are written in both tablature and music. Performance videos show exactly how I play everything. 

Q: What if it takes me longer than 6 weeks?     

A: Not to worry! The course can be entirely at your own pace, since every player learns differently.

Q: I only use a pick and have never done any finger-picking. 

A: I break down simple (yet effective) finger-style patterns, showing which fingers to use for each string every time. Several examples can be played with either pick or fingers.